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The Facts

The last Australian health survey told us that we consume 22kg of free sugars each year, which equates to around 14 teaspoons of sugar each day. Because we may not add a lot of sugar to our foods and drinks, most of us are unaware of how much sugar we are actually consuming.


The World Health Organization strongly recommends no more than 10 percent of your total daily energy intake should come from added sugars (this is not the same as your overall carbohydrate intake) and a further reduction of sugars to below 5% totally intake is conditionally recommended.


For most adults, this works out to be no more than 25g, for women this is 6 teaspoons or 9  for men, of added or refined sugar per day (1 teaspoon holds about 4g of sugar)


Click here for Sugar Free September FAQs


The Time & Cost

The challenge will begin on Saturday 1 September and will finish at midnight on Sunday 30 September.


The Challenge is FREE to participate, REGISTER HERE!


The Fundraising

When you register you will be automatically be set up with your own personal fundraising page that you can send out to all your friends, family and colleagues. From there you can ask them to support you in your challenge through donating. The funds you raise will help to empower, connect and support people living with a neuromuscular condition, such as Muscular Dystrophy.


You can also set up a team page with other people you know who are keen to join the campaign.


Having a team can help you when you need support or are having sugar cravings and need someone to talk you out of not having that chocolate bar!


The Challenge

There are many different types of sugars and many foods that contain them so we let you decide how much sugar you want to remove. The Ten Rules include some of the products with the largest amounts of added sugars:


The Ten Rules of Sugar Free September

  1. Sweetened soft drinks

  2. Fruit juices

  3. Sugar we add to tea/coffee or cereal or use in cooking

  4. Jam and spreads

  5. Biscuits, cakes and muffins

  6. Lollies

  7. Chocolate

  8. Ice cream and desserts

  9. Flavoured milks

  10. Low fibre, high sugar cereals

A printable version of our Sugar Free September flyer is available here.