Online Fundraising

 Team Fundraising 

Taking part in challenges is always more fun when you do it with other people! So why not get together with your friends, family, school community or colleagues and take part in Sugar Free September? It will give you more motivation to stay away from those snacks and sweets and you can also work as a team to try and fundraise as much as you can for Muscular Dystrophy NSW.


Teams can register by following the following steps:

  1. Click 'Sign Up' and then fill out your Personal Details on the registration form.

  2. On Step 2 of 3 when you get to 'Type of Fundraising Page' choose 'Create a Team' from drop down menu.

  3. Enter your chosen team name in the 'Fundraising Page Title' box.

  4. Finish filling out the rest of the form and tick that you accept the terms and conditions of entry.

  5. BINGO!  You're done. Now contact your team mates and tell them that when they register they simply choose to join your 'team' and you can then start fundraising together!


School Teams

We would like to invite schools to join Sugar Free September and take on the Healthy Schools Challenge. This campaign not only helps children with Muscular Dystrophy through donations made but also encourages children in Schools to cut out harmful sugars for the month and replace them with healthier options that will improve their overall health.


All funds raised go directly towards helping those affected by a neuromuscular condition in NSW.


Gym Teams

We would like to invite gyms to join our Sugar Free September Sweet Enough Challenge. This year we have decided to challenge all gyms to get involved and compete to become the Top GYM Team!


The gym who fundraises the most will not only win personalised certificates for all their Sugar Free September team members but also a plaque for their gym wall.


Go on, together we can smash it!